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Be Merry on the Mississippi

Are you looking to get away for the holidays? Then why not sail on any of American Cruise Lines’ ships on the Mississippi? For a limited time, you can save up to $1,200 and get free airfare.

Here are the holiday highlights:

Holiday Shop, Sip, and Sing

Board the cruise coach for a joyous celebration of the season. Listen to holiday favorites and sing Christmas carols on your way to Old South Trading Post, where we will stop for shopping and refreshments. 

Holiday Gift Exchange

Celebrate Christmas with fellow guests by bringing a small, wrapped gift representing your hometown, such as an interesting craft, food item, book, or souvenir.

The Jeweled Christmas at the Towers

Surrounded by huge oak trees that were planted before the Civil War, visit this wonderful Italianate mansion which will be embellished with both Christmas décor and magnificent jewelry displays, featuring thousands of sparkling stones, many of famous origin.   

JoAnn Funk and Steve Marking – 

Onboard Experts and Entertainers

During the holiday season, these dynamic riverlorians and entertainers share Christmas stories, traditions, and music with our guests. Born and raised on the Mississippi River, they also provide a deeper understanding of river history, culture, and lore.

If you’re interested in any of this, schedule a consultation with me today while this offer is still available.

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