UPDATE: Replaced “Request a Quote” Button With “Schedule My Free Consultation” Button

Since much of my work including doing webinars related to web design involve Zoom, I decided to replace the “Request a Quote” button with the “Schedule My Free Consultation” button where you also get to fill out a travel consultation form for our consultation via Zoom. I will no longer ask that you email orContinue reading “UPDATE: Replaced “Request a Quote” Button With “Schedule My Free Consultation” Button”

Dreams Karibana Cartegena Golf & Spa Resort

Recently, Dreams Karibana Cartegena Golf & Spa Resort has celebrated its grand opening on May 15, 2022 in Colombia, which makes this the first AMR Collection resort to open in South America. This resort offers a variety of Unlimited Luxury amenities including: 268 luxurious suites all offering a private terrace, balcony, or swim out poolContinue reading “Dreams Karibana Cartegena Golf & Spa Resort”

Update: Added “Hiring” Page To My Website

Today, I decided to add a Hiring page to my website after LinkedIn removed my job post that was in Spanish, saying it was a “scam or spam”, which I don’t think it is, since it’s a 1099 position just like the job post in English. I’m still going to use LinkedIn for job postsContinue reading “Update: Added “Hiring” Page To My Website”

Estoy contrando

Para alguien que vive en algunos de estes paises: *Estados Unidos *Alemania *Antigua y Barbuda *Antillas Neerlandesas *Aruba *Australia *Bahamas *Barbados *Belice *Bermudas *Bolivia *Colombia *España *Ecuador *Emiratos Árabes Unidos *Francia *Granada *Guam *Guyana *Isla de San Martín *Isla Trinidad *Islas Caimán *Italia *Malta *México *Nueva Zelanda *Países Bajos (Nederland) *Panamá *Reino Unido *República DominicanaContinue reading “Estoy contrando”

I’m Hiring

If anyone living here in the United States is currently looking for a remote job and want to be a travel agent, you can respond to the job posting on LinkedIn. If you don’t have LinkedIn, you can contact me directly by calling (540) 486-6647 or by emailing senarainey@hydrangeatravels.com. Just tell me your name, whereContinue reading “I’m Hiring”

Please Stop Sending Me Emails About Web Redesign

Right now, I’m just writing this post to say that I’m not interested in having someone design or redesign my website, since I keep getting emails from people asking if they can do that, which end up in spam or the trash. If I were interested, I would be actively looking for a web designerContinue reading “Please Stop Sending Me Emails About Web Redesign”

Latest Update For Riu Party at Hotel Riu Tequila

If you download the Riu Guest Info app (Apple/Android), you can find out about the Riu Parties at whichever hotel it’s going to place at by clicking on Activities Program. Then you go to Friday and RiuStage, where you get to see what theme is going to be that week. Anyway, today, I called HotelContinue reading “Latest Update For Riu Party at Hotel Riu Tequila”

Hotel Riu Baobab

Yesterday, I got a notification from my Riu Hotels & Resorts app that they are opening a new hotel in Senegal. So I decided to check it out. Hotel Riu Baobab is an all-inclusive 24-hour hotel located in Pointe Sarène, Thies. They have a beachfront and a gym. They also have RiuLand. Each room hasContinue reading “Hotel Riu Baobab”

Updates Regarding Riu Parties at Hotel Riu Tequila

Yesterday, I finally got a response from my client after I provided the information about Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya (the hotel she was staying at) and Hotel Riu Tequila (the hotel where the Riu Parties are supposed to take place). [See the PDFs below which you can download/view.] She said she’ll be flying inContinue reading “Updates Regarding Riu Parties at Hotel Riu Tequila”

NEW! ETS: Istanbul & Cappadocia $999 Special 2022

Available Departure Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 Since the last $999 Specials for this year, ETS has added this 6-day tour for Istanbul and Cappadocia (both cities in Turkey) in place of the one for Egypt. The itinerary is provided in the PDF below, which you can view/download. As for the other $999 Specials, whichContinue reading “NEW! ETS: Istanbul & Cappadocia $999 Special 2022”