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Attractions You Wouldn’t Want to Skip on Viator

Happy September, everyone!

To start off this month, I would like to offer you these attractions that Viator has emailed me that you can book yourself:

Right now, there’s no current promotion, but if you join Rakuten, you can get Cashback. Also, we both can get $30 when you join and make qualifying purchases with a total of $30.

Update: I will no longer be offering my consultations via phone, since it seems like no one was interested in that. So I decided to go back to offering consultations via Zoom. Also, you will notice that I changed the buttons on each post to “Schedule Appointment” from “Schedule A Consultation With Me Via Zoom or Phone”, since I now use Squarespace’s booking buttons.

Anyway, if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with me via Zoom, you ACTUALLY have to log in to your Zoom within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment time. That can be done either by clicking on the link or entering the Zoom ID and password. Otherwise, I’ll cancel it and mark it as a no-show, which means if you don’t show up, I can’t help you book your travel. (And no, I don’t do quotes via email.)

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