3 Days Left! Tours and Wyndham Hotels in Germany

Yesterday, Wyndham emailed me about their new hotels called Vienna House by Wyndham which they describe as “cool, casual and unapologetically chic”. They’ve featured Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Berlin and Vienna House Easy by Wyndham Leipzig–both of which are in Germany.

If you’re planning on staying at one of the hotels mentioned and you’re looking for things to do during your stay, then here are tours in Berlin and Leipzig:



Right now, you only have 3 days left to take advantage of this deal where you can get 15% off any activities and tours booked at checkout by applying the promo code VIATORWEEK when you book any of the tours and activities shown above or when you use my link.



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Today, I changed my “Hiring” and “Estoy Contratando” pages to Job Opportunity and Oportunidad Laboral. If there’s anyone in Germany or any of the countries listed on there who is interested in becoming a Travel Specialist, register here.

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