The George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA

As my dad, my younger brother and I were going home from the post office where I mailed my passport documents, I noticed The George Washington Hotel, which is in the City of Winchester. My dad suggested I do research on it, so I did.

I found out that it was part of Wyndham–which is a vendor I have access to–and that they have weddings there too:

I see that they also include amenities like free wi-fi; onsite parking which is $15 a night (or you could get a valet); an indoor pool; a restaurant; a bar; and a fitness center.

I think someday, I might stay at that hotel, but for now, if you’re interested in staying there, feel free to schedule a consultation with me today!

Cover picture is taken from website gallery, since I didn’t have time to take photo of it as I was riding home.

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