Please Stop Sending Me Emails About Web Redesign

Right now, I’m just writing this post to say that I’m not interested in having someone design or redesign my website, since I keep getting emails from people asking if they can do that, which end up in spam or the trash. If I were interested, I would be actively looking for a web designer the same way people actively look for a travel agent. However, like I said, I’m not interested, since I’m a travel agent as well as a graphic designer who also specializes in web design.

All I can say is that any email asking me about web redesign will be in spam or the trash and eventually deleted. I’m only interested in people who want information related to travel or they want me to book travel for them.

That being said, if you want information related to travel or you want me to book travel for you, you can request a quote; or you can contact me directly by calling (540) 486-6647 (Intrernational: +1 540-486-6647) or by emailing

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