Need To Know Information If You’re Entering Quintana Roo

Recently, I had been informed that guests traveling to and entering the Mexican State of Quintana Roo would have to pay a Visitor’s Tax via TravelKore. Here’s some information regarding that which can be found on the website:

Quintana Roo State Law was AMENDED in December 2022, which makes VISITAX a REQUIREMENT for ALL INTERNATIONAL VISITORS. The only exception is for those persons entering the state from the southern state border. All previous exceptions are no longer in effect.

Travelers are now responsible for ensuring they have paid VISITAX according to the Law of Rights of the State of Quintana Roo, article 51-octies.

As of July 10th 2023, if you are entering the State of Quintana Roo, you are obligated by law to pay VISITAX

Under no circumstances should you be required to pay VISITAX in cash


So, if you plan on entering Quintana Roo–which includes Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum and Cozumel–you can pay the Visitor’s Tax via this link or the QR Code below:

The Visitor’s Tax is $18.80 USD per guest and you can fill out the information for up to 10 guests on a single form. When you’ve submitted the form, you’ll get an email with the QR Code(s) as a proof of purchase that you can use for the duration of your stay.

If you ever need any assistance filling out the form(s) for whatever reason, then you can always schedule a consultation with me.

Since I have never made a post specifically about Tulum, then I’m going to provide a listing of tours here that you can book for yourself here:

Just remember to come back here and either go to this link or the QR Code below to pay the Visitor’s Tax when you have finished booking:

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