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You’re Invited to the Virtual Destination Wedding Party

If you’re new to my website and you’re not already aware, Sandals & Beaches has a Virtual Destination Wedding Party for this month, every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST (3:00 PM PST). So if you and your partner are interested, register in one of the links below or go to this link.

Wednesday September 6, 2023


Wednesday September 13, 2023


Wednesday September 20, 2023


When registering, be sure to include the following:

  • Name of Travel Advisor / Wedding Planner You Received Invitation From: Sena Rainey
  • Name of Travel Advisor/Wedding Planner’s Company: Hydrangea Travels
  • Travel Advisor / Wedding Planner’s email: senarainey@hydrangeatravels.com

You and your partner can receive up to $250 spa credit for attending and only if you book through me within 14 days of attending the event. So register today!

Anyway, I look forward to working you.

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