Only 8 Days Left: Book Tours in Belgrade Now

There’s only 8 days and counting left for you to take advantage of this deal where you can get 15% off any activities and tours booked at checkout by applying the promo code VIATORWEEK when you use my link. So far, the following tours have been booked: Chianti Wine Tour from Florence, Pizza School with Wine and Limoncello Tasting in a Local Farm and Guided Bike Tour along the Dutch Tulip Fields in Noord Holland.



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If any of the mentioned tours aren’t your thing, then how about booking these tours in Belgrade, Serbia?

How this post came about was when Ida Radovanovic contacted me on LinkedIn, asking if I would be interested in her anti-procrastination platform called Founder Playground, where remote workers get an “accountability buddy”. I responded back that I wasn’t interested, since my colleagues already have an accountability program and I don’t even bother with that.

However, I did see that she was from Serbia, so I looked Viator had any tours from there. (They obviously did.)

Also, I saw that one of her programs was the Coworking Island Life on Ikaria Island, Greece, from June 25 to July 22, 2023. The starting price is 645€ ($715.72 USD) a week. If that’s something that you think that you would be interested in, feel free to click on the mentioned links.

Anyway, I’m not sponsored by nor am I affiliated with Founder Playground. I’m just spreading the word about Ida’s business, because we happen to both be in the LinkedIn group, Remote Workers Worldwide, and I thought it would be a good platform to suggest here.

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