Weddings & Honeymoons in Zanzibar

Today, Beatrice Kimath from Kilibeyond Safaris recommended these hotels in Zanzibar where you can have weddings and honeymoons:

  1. Le Mersenne Zanzibar, Autograph Collection-Weddings
  2. Marjani Zanzibar-Weddings
  3. Essque Zalu Zanzibar-Honeymoon for Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2023); $140 per couple

What prompted this discussion was when I showed her my post about Hotel Riu Jambo while we were chatting on Zoom. If you want, I could book that hotel as well as Le Mersenne Zanzibar, since I have access to those vendors, such as Riu and Marriott. As for the other hotels, I would have to contact them directly and see if I can make any arrangements with them.

Also, I showed her the different tours and activities which you can book for yourself here:

If you’re interested in having me book any of the hotels mentioned for you, then feel free to schedule a consultation with me today!

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