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The other day, I signed up to be a vendor for Quinceañera Magazine. You can find my business under “My Quince Vendors”. Then you go to where “Vendor Category” is and pick “Event Planner”. Then you pick “Virginia” for the state. And there’s my business:

Screencap of My Business on Quinceañera Magazine

So far, I only have a free vendor account, but as time go on, I will upgrade to either Basic ($29 a month) or Premium ($49 a month).

I think my travel business fits really well with being an event planner, since I can help you with the location, the venue, etc. Since it usually involves family and friends, it’s much like group travel. If you pick a hotel like Comfort Suites Paradise Island, for example, you could 8 or more people. Also, you can pick a cruise like Carnival, I just got to figure out which port you and your guests want to go out of. For me, the nearest port is Norfolk, Virginia, but it can be wherever you want. Just remember that you have to have 8 or more staterooms booked in order for it to be considered group travel.

And of course, if you want and if your budget allows it, you and your guests can do groups flights on a private jet.

The above are just suggestions that I came up with, you can do whatever you want with your daughter’s quinceañera. Just let me know by scheduling your free consultation today.

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