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Yesterday, over the phone, the owner of Casa del Golfo, Jose Mariano Quiros, and I were discussing how to promote his hotel, Casa del Golfo, and the country it resides in, El Salvador. So below are the starting prices for lodging, meals and transportation for 1 night.

Casa del Golfo

Starting Prices For Lodging, Meals and Transportation For 1 Night:

  • Deluxe Room
    • $400 per person/night
  • Suites
    • $447 per person/night

For any additional nights and/or you want to learn about pax (passengers and passes), you can schedule a free consultation with me today.

Also, I’ve embedded their website here, which you can check out:

Jose also provided me prices for basic tours:

  • Fishing Pelagic Fun Fish (4 Max): $1,035.00
  • Fishing Big Game (4 Max): $1,380.00
  • Island Fishing (4 Max) / Island Touring (8 Max): $747.50
  • Reef Fishing (4 Max): $575.00
  • Panga Trips to Las Flores and Punta Mango (4 Max): $287.50
  • Mako 23′ Trips to Las Flores and Punta Mango (4 Max): $431.25
  • Photographer on Surf Trips (per Journey): $92.00
  • Espiritu dela Montaรฑa (Conchagua Volcano): $143.75
  • Coffee Farm Tour (Chaparrastique Volcano): $143.75
  • Meanguera or Zacatillo PANGA Island Tour (8 Max): $287.50

I even emailed him ideas for tours in San Salvador (El Salvador’s capital), which you can check out and book for yourself. You can also check and book for yourself tours in El Salvador itself.

I Now Offer Travel Insurance

If you look at my homepage, you can see that I now offer travel insurance for any trip that doesn’t include it. All you can have to do is click on the banner that is provided below or on the homepage:

Tin Leg

More information about TinLeg Travel Insurance is provided in the brochure below:

Cover Photo By L. E. MacDonald – Surfers, La Libertad, El Salvador, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3346278

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