Glacier National Park With Amtrak Vacations

Today, I booked a customized Amtrak Vacation to Glacier National Park for my Aunt Pat and her husband, Charles. And this was all during our free consultation via Zoom. I even called an employee from Amtrak Vacations to help customize it, since my aunt and my uncle wanted to start their journey at a particular station in Maryland. So their trip is set to go from June 25 to July 1, 2023; and in total, it’s $5977.76, including military discounts for both of them, travel protection, hotels, etc.

This all started, because I shared my blog posts with my aunt via text to give her ideas on what she wanted to do with the students she tutored after I watched the video she texted me. The posts I shared with her are US National Parks and Amtrak, in case you’re wondering.

I didn’t think I was going to book this soon, and for her and her husband, but here I am.

If you want me to help customize your trip starting at a particular train station near you, then please don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation today!

(Aunt Pat, if you’re reading this, thanks for doing business with me.)

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