Jettly: Fast Response Air Ambulance Charters

If you’re ever in a medical emergency during your trip, Jettly offers fast response air ambulance charters. These are ideal for standard medical transfers, appointments and evacuations. Options comprise of helicopters, jets and turboprops, which are all fully equipped to handle most medical needs.

Other benefits include:

  • Medical equipment modifications – ramps or cargo doors to facilitate stretchers and bulky medical equipment
  • Secure and discreet service – relaxing, private and hassle-free flight
  • Tailored schedules that meet your needs
  • Increased airport access, including the most remote airports
  • Private terminal, where you can board the aircraft discreetly, just minutes before take-off

For more information and if you want to arrange this or any other flights with Jettly, please don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation today.

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