Updated “Request a Quote” button

I just change the link to the “Request a Quote” button from a Google Form to a link to my affiliate page: https://www.evotravelagent.com/sena

(UPDATE: It also opens up to a new tab.)

Here are some screenshots of the page I’m currently linking. You have to scroll down to the “Vacation Quote Request” section, since I couldn’t directly link it to the quote page.

My affiliate page’s quote form seems like less complicated than the Google form I created. At least my affiliate page has headers visible for each section you fill out.

You can also have the page translated in Spanish if that’s your native language. It’s certainly better than me trying to painstakingly translate from English into that language or me having to hire somebody else to do it. I’m lucky that I can string a few sentences together and that my reading comprehension is pretty good, but that’s about it.

Maybe as Archer Travel continues to grow, maybe they might input more languages.

Anyway, I hope that’s better for you guys.

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