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  • November in Barbados

    November in Barbados

    Hi, everybody! This month, I’m going to be focusing on Barbados, since I got an email from Work Consultancy Inc. about the project they’re working on on October 21st. Anyway, if anybody in Barbados is looking for a job and wants to be a travel agent, I’m hiring! Also, I would like to announce that […]

  • Work Consultancy, Inc.’s Goal Achieved!

    Work Consultancy, Inc.’s Goal Achieved!

    Just got an update, regarding Work Consultancy, Inc.’s fundraiser: “I am SO proud to announce that through your generosity and support, along with the faithful of God, Work Consultancy will launch The Thrive Network this month! Stay tuned for more updates! We will share the link to more information in the coming days and weeks! […]

  • UPDATE: Good News From Work Consultancy, Inc.

    UPDATE: Good News From Work Consultancy, Inc.

    Yesterday, I got news on LinkedIn from Work Consultancy, Inc. that they are now almost halfway through their fundraiser. You can view and read their post here. I shared their post to my LinkedIn page, but I also want to share the news here and other platforms. Anyway, if you’re interested in going to Barbados, […]

  • Work Consultancy, Inc.

    Work Consultancy, Inc.

    Yesterday, I donated to Work Consultancy, Inc.’s fundraiser where they are helping young Barbadians with career development. The fundraiser itself ends on August 31, 2022, so if you’re interested, donate as soon as possible. I first heard about them on LinkedIn. Since I’m a Barbados expert and I know about the tourism there, I decided […]