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  • Embedded Schedulers

    Embedded Schedulers

    As you may have noticed, on my home page, I now have an embedded scheduler so that you can see the available dates and times for when you schedule your free consultation. Also, I have embedded schedulers on my Hiring page so you can see the available dates and times for when you can attend […]

  • New Registration Numbers

    New Registration Numbers

    I just added new registration numbers for Hawaii and Washington to my website footer: Hawaii # TAR-6612 Washington # 603352551 Those are what I’m going to add to my new business cards when the old ones run out. Just the other day, I posted about Hawaii. I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything about Washington […]

  • Updated “Request a Quote” button

    Updated “Request a Quote” button

    I just change the link to the “Request a Quote” button from a Google Form to a link to my affiliate page: https://www.evotravelagent.com/sena (UPDATE: It also opens up to a new tab.) Here are some screenshots of the page I’m currently linking. You have to scroll down to the “Vacation Quote Request” section, since I […]

  • Hydrangea Travels Website (First Video)

    Today, I decided to create and upload my first video introducing my website on Youtube and Odysee, using Zoom to record it and Premiere Pro to edit it. I was a bit nervous in creating this video, but hopefully, everybody enjoys it.