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  • Have You Been To My Affiliates Page?

    Have You Been To My Affiliates Page?

    If you’re looking to book something yourself, you can use any of the links on my affiliates page if you look under TRAVEL. You can book anywhere from TinLeg Travel Insurance* to Project Expedition Excursions, Tours, and Attractions. You can also click on anything else that’s available on that page. So check out my page…

  • Embedded Schedulers

    Embedded Schedulers

    As you may have noticed, on my home page, I now have an embedded scheduler so that you can see the available dates and times for when you schedule your free consultation. Also, I have embedded schedulers on my Hiring page so you can see the available dates and times for when you can attend…

  • New Registration Numbers

    New Registration Numbers

    I just added new registration numbers for Hawaii and Washington to my website footer: Hawaii # TAR-6612 Washington # 603352551 Those are what I’m going to add to my new business cards when the old ones run out. Just the other day, I posted about Hawaii. I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything about Washington…

  • Updated “Request a Quote” button

    Updated “Request a Quote” button

    I just change the link to the “Request a Quote” button from a Google Form to a link to my affiliate page: https://www.evotravelagent.com/sena (UPDATE: It also opens up to a new tab.) Here are some screenshots of the page I’m currently linking. You have to scroll down to the “Vacation Quote Request” section, since I…

  • Hydrangea Travels Website (First Video)

    Today, I decided to create and upload my first video introducing my website on Youtube and Odysee, using Zoom to record it and Premiere Pro to edit it. I was a bit nervous in creating this video, but hopefully, everybody enjoys it.