Vow Renewals at Sandals Grande Antigua

You can get a free ReTie The Knot (vow venewal) ceremony when you have 5+ rooms booked for groups. You can also get Bells & Whistles for the 5 or more rooms booked, similar to when you get a free wedding if you stayed at the same resort for a certain number of nights. (VideoContinue reading “Vow Renewals at Sandals Grande Antigua”

Honeymoon Island Hopping Between Antigua, Grenada and Barbados

Have you ever thought of island hopping during your honeymoon? Well, you can do that with the Honeymoon Hop. With the Honeymoon Hop, you can go from Sandals Grande Antigua to Sandals Grenada to Sandals Barbados. For more information and if you’re interested in doing this, then please don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultationContinue reading “Honeymoon Island Hopping Between Antigua, Grenada and Barbados”

Customizable Weddings at Sandals Grande Antigua

If you aren’t into the wedding packages at Blue Waters Resort & Spa, then perhaps a customizable wedding at Sandals Grande Antigua is right for you. Here you can use this wedding planning tool and I can check to see if your desired wedding date there is available. Also, the current wedding offers are: SoContinue reading “Customizable Weddings at Sandals Grande Antigua”