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  • The Retreat’s Royal Suite on Celebrity Silhouette

    The Retreat’s Royal Suite on Celebrity Silhouette

    Today, I decided to check out Celebrity’s Italy itinerary and found the Spain & Mediterranean one aboard the Celebrity Silhouette: Date: August 5-18, 2023 (13 Nights) Departure: Southampton, England Royal Suite Included: Totals *Excluding taxes and fees. Price varies and is subject to change based on availability. Right now, there is a Semi-Annual Sale where […]

  • Sina Hotels

    Sina Hotels

    Sina Hotels is a collection in Italy. Even though the name “Sina” and my first name have a similar pronunciation–but they’re spelled differently– “Sina” is actually an acronym, which is short for “Società Internazionale Nuovi Alberghi” (roughly translates in English as the “International Society of New Inns”). For more information about these hotels, you can […]