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Weddings at Blue Waters Resort & Spa

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here, so here I am. I’ve been looking for where people are planning to do destination weddings at in 2023 and I’ve came across this article. The first destination listed in this article is Antigua and since I’m aware that Antigua has recently lifted all their COVID-19 restrictions, that is where I’m focusing on.

As for the venue, I decided to go with Blue Waters Resort & Spa for this post, since it’s not listed on Tripadvisor so it’s probably lesser known. They seem to have some good wedding packages for smaller intimate weddings or larger weddings for up to 25 guests, according to the flyer below:

(If you’re planning on having a wedding that is going to have more than 25 guests, then this isn’t for you; I would have to help you find another location and venue. )

The wedding packages they offer are:

  • My Way: $949 USD
  • Just The Two Of Us: $1,549 USD
  • Ultimate Wedding: $2,089 USD
  • Renewal of Vows: $1,029 USD

For more information and if you want to plan your wedding at this resort, then feel free to schedule your free consultation today!

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