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Yesterday, I donated to Work Consultancy, Inc.’s fundraiser where they are helping young Barbadians with career development. The fundraiser itself ends on August 31, 2022, so if you’re interested, donate as soon as possible.

I first heard about them on LinkedIn. Since I’m a Barbados expert and I know about the tourism there, I decided to bring more awareness by donating and then posting about it in this blog.

I even mentioned in that LinkedIn post and in private messaging with Britney Sealy, the founder and CEO of that organization, that I’m also looking for young Barbadians who are 18 years and older who want to become travel agents. So for anyone living in Barbados or any of the other locations listed on my Hiring page who is reading this, feel free to scroll down to where the schedules are and pick the available date and time. You can also apply on my LinkedIn job post whenever it is open.

For anyone else who just wants to travel to Barbados, you can schedule your free consultation with me here or you can book yourself a vacation through this site.

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